pictures of slatton family at 614 kentucky st.
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Slatton Genealogy

Welcome to my site which contains the Slatton genealogy, specifically in the lines of William Slatton (b. 1873) married to Jenny, and their son, my dad, Ralph Slatton (b. 1907). Special acknowledgement is given to Steven E. Mitchell, who researched and wrote the family history on this page.


backyard tree

A Backyard Adventure in Summer of 1968

614 Kentucky Street

A short word should be given about the title of this site, 614 Kentucky Street. This was the location of my home in northeast Arkansas for over 40 years. In the course of time, the name of the street had changed, as the box number. Although idealized through my nostalgic lens, I will always think fondly of growing up on that street in the 50s and 60s. Our house was located on a deadend gravel road, surrounded by the Richardson cotton fields and farm animals. For me, it was a time of tree houses, comic books, chemistry sets, hikes down the Frisco railroad, hunts for sassafrass roots, sounds of roosters and baying hounds. In the early 50s, my Dad had just returned from Korean war, retired from an almost 30 year career in the Army.


In the photos, I am the large kid holding the ladder. My grandmother is shown in the banner photo, holding my sister and me. My Dad and Mom are shown in the adjacent banner photo.


Slatton Census by Steven E. Mitchell

In the 1880 census of the town of Mitchell, Marion Township, Lawrence County, Indiana, William Slatton, age 7, was listed as the step son of Andrew Barkley. Barkley, age 56, was a laborer and was born in Indiana; no birthplaces were listed for his father and mother. Barkley was married to Mary E., age 39, born in Tennessee. Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother in Virginia. They had one daughter, Evaline Barkley, age 3, born in Indiana. In addition to William Slatton, the household included Sarah E. Slatton, age 13, step daughter, born in Indiana; George W. Slatton, age 10, step son, also born in Indiana; and William Slatton, age 7, born in Indiana. Both parents of the Slatton children were born in Tennessee. Also in the household was Richard Hoard, age 18, step son, born in Indiana, and both parents were born in Tennessee. Richard also worked as a laborer.


In the 1910 census of Pascola Township, Pemiscot County, Missouri, taken on April 28, 1910, William Slatten (with an "e" instead of an "o") was 36 years old (born about 1874) and employed as a stave joiner.  He was born in Indiana, and his father and mother were born in Tennessee.  William was self employed and had been unemployed for six weeks during the previous year.  He could read, and he rented his house.  He was married to Jennie, age 33 (born about 1877).  Jennie was born in Indiana, as were her father and mother.  It was the first marriage for both William and Jennie, and they had been married fourteen years (since about 1896).  William and Jennie had had five children, four of whom were living: William (middle initial N or H), age 9 (born about 1901), born in Tennessee; Arthur, age 8 (born January 23, 1902), born in Arkansas; Eugene, age 5 (born about 1905), also born in Arkansas; and Ralph, age 3 (born August 16, 1907; the age listed in the census should have been 2), born in Missouri.







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